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What is Somatic Experiencing?

Experience the transformative power of Somatic Experiencing, a therapeutic approach guided by a trained professional who creates a safe and supportive environment for you to process trauma.

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Stress Relief  & Integrative Healing

Stress has a profound impact on our nervous system, and the memories of our lives are stored in our bodies. When these memories are distressing, they can become trapped, affecting our responses to present events. Somatic Experiencing gently facilitates the release of these trapped memories, offering a slow integrative and gentle path to healing.

Challenges of Trauma

Past traumatic memories shape behaviors and beliefs.  This can create a cycle of repeating patterns, making it challenging to understand why certain life events unfold the way they do. This lingering sense of threat challenges our daily lives.  Failure to release traumatic memories impact our health and personal well being. 

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Path to Healing

In the words of Peter Levine, trauma is defined as the absence of the empathetic other. Somatic experiencing is not something you can do by yourself.  During Somatic Experiencing sessions, the therapist holds space as an empathetic other.  By sharing this journey, the therapist's presence allows the repetitive patterns to undergo positive transformation.

Take the first step towards healing. Reach out for Somatic Experiencing and embrace a path of compassionate transformation. 

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